BTW-CCPAC Memories Project

Dear Alumni, Teachers & Friends,

As we work to unify the distinguished group of people that have spent time learning, teaching or experiencing the CCPAC or BTW Magnet program into an official alumni association, current BTW teacher Emily Thomas came up with an idea.

Ms. Thomas explains, “We have always wanted people to share their BTW/CCPAC stories, their memories, experiences, and thoughts on what the school meant to them. There has been an outpouring of stories on social media but it would be great to have a space where they can be altogether permanently stored.”

Thanks to Ms. Thomas, we now have the BTW-CCPAC Memories Project and this new website. So please, share your stories, memories and thoughts on what our beloved school means to you.


As time goes by we will continue to update this website and create a place for all alumni to come together, share ideas and reconnect. Be sure to check back as the association gets going for activities and how you can further help in the wake of the fire.

Thank you for reaching out and continuing to support this program that we all hold dear.


BTW-CCPAC Alumni Association