c/o 99

I am a proud graduate of Booker T Washington Magnet High School, class of 1999. BTWMHS-CCPAC shaped me, helped me to become the woman I am today. I look back with great fondness at my three years there and I smile and laugh. BTW wasnt just a school…it’s a second home! One can’t ask for a better place than BTWMHS, a place which shapes a young mind and body to become prepared to take on the world. To challenge the norm, embeace being amazingly unique, celebrate and showcase our intelligence and talent in the arts.
BTW was where I found my voice! It encouraged me to break the rules so to speak; to go after that makes me happy and never settle.
So thank you for giving me the courage to be bold and take advantage of every opportunity that arose. Thank you for the people..the wonderful community/family you gave me. Never once did I feel alone or unimportant. I was never just a number in a classroom. I had value and you recognized that in me. Thank you for the memories you have given me and the ones I will make because of you.