From BTW Broadcast Media to Press Secretary

I am a 2004 graduate of BTW Magnet High School’s Broadcast Media magnet. In the Summer of 1999 I attended the AUM Youth College class that was taught by Richard Walker and taught at BTW. I already had an interest in television news, but the class fueled the flames. I was living in Birmingham at the time and my mom was living in Montgomery. After taking the class I decided that’s where I wanted to go to school. I applied to the program, was accepted and moved to Montgomery to attend school there.

BTW was such a wonderful place to learn. The teachers and staff exemplified the school motto “Optima in Omnia” and they expected that of their students as well. Dr. Starks, then Ms. Starks, laid a strong foundation for me in vocabulary and writing during 9th grade English, helping me set an impeccable set of standards for my writing in the future. Mr. Walker was kind and understanding, yet no nonsense. His knowledge and experience instilled in me strong ethical standards for what would become my eleven year career in local broadcast news. In fact, it was a connection through Mr. Walker that got me my first job in television, during my senior year of high school.

After eleven years in television, I was offered a position working for the Governor of Alabama, that too came from a connection, one that I made while working in tv. Today I serve as the Press Secretary for the Governor of Alabama. I have been with the office for four years now. Before the fire, I would drive Union Street each day on my way to work and remember the school that made me who I am today. Without the program, but more importantly the people, I would not have had such a great career. It’s hard to imagine just what would’ve come of me without BTW. I am truly forever grateful! #BTWStrong